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Discover the Aolian Islands on Yacht and Luxury Boats.

Seven little sisters that sprung out from the sea in a maze of wondrous sights, each with its own stark identity.

The Aeolian Islands, off the northern coast of Sicily, are bright gems that combine relaxation with outdoor ventures. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2000, they boast an enviable history, as their mineral wealth and rich natural resources meant everyone, from the Greeks to the Carthaginians and the Romans, set their eyes on the islands.

Aeolian Islands Mini Cruise on Yacht

Destinations Aeolian Island yacht minicruise: Lipari, Salina, FIlicudi, Alicudi, Vulcano, Stromboli – 7 Days & 6 Night. These days, visitors are attracted by the wealth of opportunities, vistas and stunning waters that abound here: think swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing and then exciting hikes in search of the long-lost secrets of active volcanoes. Add exquisite gourmet meals and a glass of Malvasia for the sundowner of your dreams.

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Day 1 - Lipari

The biggest one in the archipelago, Lipari is just sensational. Pay a visit to the Archeological museum - hosting the world’s largest collection of Greek miniature masks and countless Roman amphorae, among other things. Walk along the Cava di Pomice, retracing the importance of the island’s geological heritage, the extraction of pumice stone recorded ever since the 13th century. Enjoy its wild, rocky coast from one of our yachts, go in search of secluded coves and then explore the delicious restaurants, serving the freshest fish you can think of. Walk in the town centre to enjoy its laidback atmosphere and then relax on board our plush vessels, wishing upon a star.

This island enjoys its fair share of cinematic aura, for Il Postino, Massimo Troisi’s 1994 ultimate masterpiece, was filmed in crescent-shaped Pollara beach and other locations on the island. Allegedly the greenest of the lot, Salina is dominated by two extinct volcanoes that make for extraordinary hiking, Monte Fossa delle Felci (962m) and Monte Porri (860m). The salt lagoon in Lingua give the island its name, but it’s the extraordinary natural appeal that draws visitors to the island: Home to a nature reserve, Salina also boasts natural freshwater springs that contribute to its idyllic atmosphere. Taste the delicious local capers (a Slow Food product) and make a toast with exquisitem Malvasia honey-sweet wine, grown on the island: pay a visit to the Wine Museum to learn more about this delicacy. Punta Scario and pebbly Pra Venezia are glorious beaches, and yet some of the best swimming spots can only be reached by sea: make the most of our luxury boats and enjoy the stunning waters of this little piece of paradise.

Day 2 - Saline

Day 3 - Filicudi & Alicudi

Stretching to the west of the archipelago, Filicudi and Alicudi reveal their layers of magic through their history, the beauty of their seabeds and their silent splendour. Remote and somewhat undeveloped, transport on Alicudi happens via mules and modern life seems oh-so distant. Filicudi is perfect for hikers, who will love its rugged coastline and the many paths: admire it from our boats and start dreaming.

Day 4 - Vulcano

Aptly named after the god of fire, Vulcano is dominated by its large crater. Indeed, hike up the Gran Cratere for stunning views of the entire archipelago: the beauty of the Aeolian Islands lie in front of you in a picture-postcard frame. Time it at dusk for that extra layer of magic. Although the last eruption on the island dates back to the late 19th century, you can still experience fumaroles (exhalations of hot vapour containing mostly sulphur) and walk amid them. Then relax in the mud baths in Pozza dei Fanghi do not use your favourite swimsuit though or sunbathe on the black sand beaches in the north: blessed with faraglioni jutting out of the waters, the place is dreamlike. Capo Grillo is where you’ll want to be to enjoy majestic views of the islands, while Gelso, to the south, is a small but perfect port that hides some lovely beaches: Spiaggia dell’Asino and Campitello, surrounded by tropical greenery, are a must. Like everywhere on the archipelago, diving is a star sport here: explore the deep, pristine waters and you will fully perceive the allure of the sea.

Day 5 - Panarea

Flamboyant, luxurious and glitzy, Panarea has it all. Not only is it the home of the well-heeled and beautiful, it is also rich in history and natural beauties. Cala Junco is one of them, then Cala Zimmari, the only sandy beach on the island – pure joy – but also the Capo Milazzese prehistoric village: easily reached from the Ditella harbour, it dates back to the 15th c. BC and sits dramatically on an elevated headland that jets on to the sea. To the north-east lies Basiluzzo island, sometimes called the Eighth Aeolian sister: explore the small island and revel in its lovely silence, listen to the caress of the wind and sense the luxury of precious, exclusive moments. Hike to Punta del Corvo, Panarea’s highest point, and enjoy sweeping views of the entire archipelago, or swim at Cala Junco beach: its aquamarine watersand its amphitheatre shape will stun you. Have a dip in its hot springs; located close to San Pietro, these 50°C spa waters are employed for a therapeutic use. Beyond the exploring and gazing in awe, feel the soul of the island with a swanky aperitivo: this is where people come to see and be seen, and you’ll want to be part of it.

Picture a volcano and the image of Stromboli will come to mind: a cone –shaped mountain that comes with its own magical, impressive explosions. Beyond the relaxed atmosphere that defines the Aeolian islands so well, there is a world of exciting activities that can be undertaken here. Hike to the top of Stromboli crater if nature is your credo and time it to suit your tastes: at dusk for those alluring, glittering shimmers over the water or at dawn to feel that the place belongs to you. Why not steal away the beauty of the night with a walk witnessing the stark force of “iddu”, as the locals call the volcano? This is where you’ll see the island come alive. If you are a sporty type, biking is an excellent way to discover the marvellous terrain of the island, then go in search of the secret aura of the place: Red House, between Fico Grande and Porto Scari, is where Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini lived while filming Stromboli, their love affair bringing scandal in the cinema circles of the 1940s. A world of excitement for a minute Sicilian marvel!

Day 6 - Stromboli

Sail around the island and then return to Naples

Day 7 - Naples

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