Excursion and Mini-cruise to Ischia and Procida

Excursion and Mini-cruise to Ischia and Procida

The excursion and mini-cruise service to Ischia and Procida offered by “Capri On Board” is the right choice for those who want to visit these beautiful Italian islands. Starting from the most famous shores, such as the Maronti beach and the Pozzo Vecchio beach, passing through the discovery of enchanting sea caves and suggestive hidden coves, up to the possibility of visiting cultural centers and historical structures, such as the renowned archaeological museum of Pithecusae or the majestic Aragonese Castle. All of this is supported by the presence of an experienced and qualified staff, who will guide customers to discover the history and culture of these enchanting territories. It should also be noted that the service offered by “CapriOnBoard” can always be personalized based on personal needs by modifying the itinerary, duration, and means of transportation, to offer a service easily adaptable to all possible preferences of hikers.

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