Frequently Asked Questions

Capri On Board is a luxury yacht charter and travel company which offers high-end yachting and concierge services to a discerning, international clientele. Our mission is to satisfy any request quickly and flawlessly, with the utmost professional competence and impeccable care.

What are you specialized in?
We are a Yacht Management Company, specialized in yachting and maritime transport, logistics and luxury lifestyle. Our main office is located in Capri, but we also have two operational offices in Marina di Stabia (Naples) and Sorrento. We offer services around the Gulf of Naples and nearby Islands, Sorrento, Salerno and the Amalfi Coast, in addition to other destinations in Italy.
Why would I call you?
We specialize in the yachting and luxury lifestyle.
Our core business is the rental of luxury yachts and boats, excursions, mini cruises, personalized itineraries, organization of weddings on board ships or mega yachts. We offer tailor-made services for anyone using a yacht: assistance with logistics support, catering supply, boat mooring reservations, hotel and restaurant reservations, helicopter transfers, private cars and personalized assistance.
What is the difference between a Maritime Broker and Yacht Management?
The Maritime Broker or Maritime Mediator is a profession in the sea transport industry that mainly deals with the freight market, turning its functions in particular to the conclusion and improvement of contracts for the use and sale of ships, whose professional activity is regulated in Italy by the Law 478, 3/3/1968. This profession operates with the same criteria for yacht rentals. The Yacht Management Company covers all aspects of the management and promotion of the boat, and in many cases, it owns the boat or manages it directly. It works with more flexible contracts to give the travel agent and tour operators the opportunity to act on behalf of their customers.
Do you organize night transfers by sea?
We offer a 24h private transfer service by sea with luxury and comfortable boats to/from Capri, Naples, Ischia, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, Salerno, as well as connections for the whole Campania Region.
Do you offer a tender and speedboat service for yachts and mega yachts?
Yes, Capri On Board is ready to help with any request that may come yacht captains or owners.
Do you offer this service only on Capri?
No, we offer this service around the Gulf of Naples, its neighbouring Islands, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast, Salerno and as well in other destinations in Italy.
Do you offer a daily yacht rental service?
Yes, we offer a daily yacht charter. Our yachts are luxurious, they come with a professional crew, their length starting from 14 metres.
What is the full duration of a day charter? Is this flexible and based on individual enquiries?
The daily yacht rental is 8 hours, from 10:00 to 18:00, but we are very flexible and can easily meet the customer’s needs.
Do you offer a half-day yacht rental?
No, but we offer half day rental (4 hours) with luxury boats up to 14 meters.
Can you organise sunset cruises from approx. 5pm to 9pm with a stop for dinner?
Yes, we specialize in tailor-made yachting. We offer sunset cruises, along with many other options!
Do you charge any extra for embarkations and disembarkations during excursions, for example Capri or Positano?
No, we do not charge any extra. All our rates include any boarding and disembarkation charges for all passengers.
What amenities will we find on board?
You will find beach towels, snorkelling gear, water games, a welcome drink, fresh fruit, snack and drinks
What is meant by private mini cruises?
Our mini cruises are conceived as “all inclusive”: this means you will have exclusive private use of the yacht, with the aim of spending an unforgettable, relaxing and fun holiday aboard one of our luxury vessels, without worrying about paying any extras.
What do mini cruises include?
Our itineraries include: fuel, harbour fees, basic galley with snacks and drinks, breakfast, cabin use and laundry service.
What is NOT included in private mini cruises?
Our itineraries do NOT include: any food and drinks expenses that are not mentioned
Is it possible to change itinerary during a mini cruise or a daily charter?
Yes, it is possible, as long as this choice stays within the expenses calculated at the beginning of the programme: this means calculation of nautical miles and harbour fees management.
Can you provide tenders and speedboats?
Yes, if you need an additional tender or speedboat, we can arrange a rental.
Who is your clientele?
We are an expert advisor for national and international luxury travel agents and agencies; tour operators; DMCs; event organizers; wedding planners; naval companies; national and international businesses; yacht captains; luxury villas, hotels, and boutiques; and, often, private clients.
How does the 24/7 Concierge service works?
The Concierge service is made available to all yacht captains, owners and guests of Yachts who stop in Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast. This service allows the customer to request everything he needs for his vacation.
How long will I have to wait for a quotation regarding a yacht charter, mini cruise, transfer or other services not related to the service on board or ashore of the yacht?
The offer will be delivered within 24 hours.
Do you arrange private transfers to Capri from anywhere in Italy?
Yes! Capri On Board can organize private and personalized door-to-door transfers to/from Capri and the Amalfi Coast with yachts, motorboats, cars and vans, private jets and helicopters to/from any destination in Italy.
Who are your clients?
Business Managers, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, People of International Government and high Finance, Crew and Captain of yachts, luxury travel agencies, tour operators, travel agents, and anyone else who need assistance in organizing their luxury vacation on Capri or the Amalfi Coast.
What are the most requested services?
Private maritime connections with luxury boats, daily yachts rentals, mini cruises, half-day or full-day excursions with luxury boats, Project Management of events, parties and weddings on board yachts and ships; Helicopter or private jet transfers; Club and Restaurant reservations, private cars; personal shopper, security and bodyguard; beauty services!
Is your concierge service available for hotel or private villa guests?
Of course!
From the moment of requesting a service on board or ashore for a Yacht, how long should I wait for the requested service?
The timing is established on average about 30 minutes.
Do you offer a private car transport service to connect customer and Yacht or boat?
Yes, we use Mercedes Viano and Mercedes S Class – E.
Do you pay commissions to mediation agencies?
Yes, we guarantee a commission. Our aim is to build up mutual and active cooperation with Agencies and companies in general

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