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Professional service, strategic planning, organization, management, and execution: we can organize and manage your event from the very first stages of the planning process, contracting with vendors in person and providing on-site oversight.
We have years of experience in planning and coordinating events of all types and sizes. We assist in obtaining necessary permits and authorizations, scouting and selecting the perfect venue, and all the logistics of organization and execution.
From our headquarters on Capri, we can suggest and carry out the best logistical solutions for planning and staging your event by tapping our vast local network of vendors and professionals on Capri, the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Naples.

Strategic Planning
All event planning must begin with a strategic analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, the budget, the technical aspects, and the local social and political context. In this initial stage, we aim to create a general overview to guide the choice of venue, indicate necessary permits and authorizations, and list vendors to contract. This overview helps define the strategies and actions needed to guarantee a smooth and successful planning and execution process.
Defining a budget is a fundamental part of creating a strategic plan. The budget or financial plan guides the event planner in choosing venues, vendors, and service providers which will suit both the needs and budget of the client.
Management Consulting
We provide years of experience, innovative ideas, and practical solutions, guiding clients through every step of the planning process and taking care of the required permits and authorizations in person.
Operation Plan
We outline an operation plan with a schedule and goals for each category, and monitor both the progress and level of service of each vendor and professional service provider so as to guarantee a timely and safe execution.

Capri Logistical Support

We offer logistical support and consulting for renting equipment for docking, reserving loading zones, set-up and staging, porter and transport services, waste removal, forklifts and heavy equipment, trailers, refrigerator trucks, and all the necessary equipment for transporting building and stage supplies. We can procure and supply electrical systems, lighting and audio equipment, generators, and industrial machines and equipment of all types.
For transport between Naples and Capri, we can provide private ships authorized to transport trucks and trailers carrying equipment and supplies needed for the event.
We are specialized in the planning and logistics of all types of events, including concerts, fashion shows, weddings, and private parties or celebrations either on land or on board our luxury yachts.

Parking Areas
We have parking areas near the ports of Naples and the surrounding province, and on the islands of Capri and Ischia. These areas can be used to store equipement and park trucks and trailers.
Equipment Transport by Land, Sea, or Air
We can arrange transport and services for the islands of Capri and Ischia by pontoon or ship for any size forklift or truck, refrigerator truck, and trailer truck. We can also arrange transport by helicopter.
Equipment Rental
We arrange rental of industrial and heavy machinery and equipment of all types in Naples, Capri and Ischia, Positano and the Amalfi Coast, and Sorrento. We rent equipment for concerts, events, and private weddings and parties including forklifts, platforms, and generators.
Porter Services
We have trained personnel for transporting forklifts, refrigerator trucks, and cranes. We can also arrange manual or motorized transport, assembly and disassembly, and loading and unloading of equipment and supplies.

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